Roppongi Hills

Ryo Noguchi x Makiko Izu, “CANDY POP” Town Performances

9/17(Sat) 19:45 -
9/18(Sun) 14:00 - , 21:30 -
9/19(Mon/Holiday) 14:00 - , 17:30 -
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
Over the past 2 ½ years, the world has changed minute by minute. All the while, the colorful CANDY POP flowers have changed along with it. Bursting forth from Roppongi, we bring to you a performance of unicycles and gymnastics, with the hope that through art, anyone will be able to live in happiness regardless of the world’s uncertainties.


Ryo Noguchi x Makiko Izu

Street dancer Ryo Noguchi and contemporary dancer Makiko Izu came together through their shared interest in dance. They’ve each been active with choreography groups such as HIDALI, Blank, and GRINDER-MAN, and took charge of the choreography for STAR ISLAND of Singapore in 2018. Through the planning and performance of live shows, events, and films, and through choreography for music videos, commercials, live shows, and theater, they express movement, sound, space, and time.