Tokyo Midtown

Takahisa Furuya, “Face identification by A.I” Town Installations

9/17(Sat) - 9/19(Mon/Holiday) 11:00 - 20:00
* On 9/19 (Mon/Holiday) open until 18:00 only
Tokyo Midtown Galleria 2nd Floor, next to Lucien pellat-finet
[Participation fee]
Three years have passed since this work was presented at the 2019 Tokyo Midtown Award. I no longer have to play the role of a machine, but it is in fact my everyday life spent not as a machine that feels more like science fiction. Like the final scene in “Planet of the Apes”, where we escape from a nightmare only to end up with a feeling of emptiness, my gaze inadvertently keeps turning to vending machines and robots as I walk through the city. The term “future” is a limitless expression, and in a show of respect for the A.I. that will inhabit that future, I decided to become a machine again.


Takahisa Furuya

While not as impactful as “throwing a rock,” Furuya creates his works with the idea of wanting to see the changes in trivial phenomena that occur from throwing a small pebble. For example, it’s like the small bones left in your throat after shoveling down a delicious miso-simmered mackerel.