GengoRaw (Tomoya Ishibashi + Kento Niikura), Ryuji Yoshida, Kohei Futakuchi, Tomoya Yoshida, “Whispers from Buzz” Town Installations

©2019 GengoRaw

9/17(Sat) - 9/19(Mon/Holiday) 10:00 - 22:00
* On 9/19 (Mon/Holiday) open until 18:00 only
Ignoppor 1st Floor
[Participation fee]
This installation utilizes AI to generate poetry based on trending words from Twitter. As we live in an era where enormous counts of words are transmitted to social media, the work sets us on a collision course with the new intelligence that statistically processes those words, evoking the dialogue and media that saturate our present moment.


GengoRaw (Tomoya Ishibashi+Kento Niikura,) Ryuji Yoshida, Kohei Futakuchi, Tomoya Yoshida

GengoRaw is an art unit that creates experimental work looking at the logic and imagination embedded in language. In 2018, it was founded by artist Tomoya Ishibashi and AI engineer Kento Niikura. Prominent solo exhibitions include Word Machine at TOKAS hongo, 2021, and awards include the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art 25th Edition, and the WIRED CREATIVE HACK AWARD 2019 Grand Prix.