Chiharu Mizukawa, “‘Sakura tea room’ –Water veins are connected-” Mikawadai Park Seize Roppongi

Sakura Bud, 2021, materials: seawater, salt, paper

9/17(Sat) - 9/19(Mon) 10:00 - 18:00
Mikawadai Park
[Participation fee]
These things have come from the sea to the earth. In a repeating loop, they change forms, and from now on the flowers will continue to bloom. Much like a prayer for the future, today’s whisperings, this moment right now, will become the flower buds that bloom in future seasons.
This work uses seawater in a technique of invisible drawing. In the moment of drawing, the image is invisible and cannot be seen, but when it comes into contact with fire, the particles in the water become burned into color, and the image emerges through this technique.


Chiharu Mizukawa

Born 1981 in Osaka prefecture. Lived a nomadic lifestyle from 2006 – 2014. She creates artwork using the scrap material and water that result from this lifestyle of moving from place to place. She has participated in numerous art projects and residencies, and has exhibited domestically and internationally. Among her most notable works is a piece where she used leftover bathwater, along with hot spring, rain, river, and ocean water to create an aburidashi-e (a painting of invisible ink that reveals itself with heat) using her own original technique. She also has a jewelry series made from leftover bathwater.