Roppongi Hills

KEY TRAD., “Amor Japanese Music in Roppongi”

9/19(Mon/Holiday)16:00 - 16:30
* Entry tickets will be distributed at 15:00
Roppongi Hills, Hills Café Space
[Participation fee]
Tradition is born from immeasurable time! Once a staple of the Japanese lifestyle, identity, and pride, traditional Japanese music has a bold history woven from countless instances of change and cultural influence. The intense, fleeting, and refined sounds of Japan that have survived for over a thousand years embody the joy, pain, and sadness of countless predecessors. From classical masterworks emphasizing distinct sounds to modern day improvisations that playfully utilize transcendent techniques, the audience will be treated to the magic and possibilities of traditional Japanese music in this live performance. Has Japanese music always been this free and dynamic!?