The National Art Center, Tokyo

Cross Talk: Shunsuke Imai x Ryo Sawayama

Shunsuke Imai 《untitled》,2022

9/19(Mon/Holiday) 16:00 - 16:45
The National Art Center, Tokyo 3rd Floor Auditorium
100 People
[Participation fee]
Free / Pre-registration required *Details regarding the registration process will be announced on the official website
This event will feature Shunsuke Imai, who will be presenting his installation in the open lobby of The National Art Center, Tokyo, and art critic Ryo Sawayama in dialogue with one another. Though Imai’s foundation is in bright pop-like painting that merges the two- and three- dimensional, he has expanded into the mediums of sculpture, video, and installations that integrate real spaces. In conversation with Imai will be art critic Sawayama, known for his pointed inquiries into painting. The two have been friends since their time as students, and in their first conversation together they will look at the essence of Imai’s paintings and how they have changed along the way.