Yu Jidaisho, “Blurred Boundaries” Roppongi Art Night Digital 2022
Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

Yu Jidaisho

9/3(Sat) onwards
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By filming a performance that superimposes improvised contrabass onto a program-generated melody, and combining the footage with CG animation utilizing my own 3D model, I create a montage of conflicting dualities such as improvisation vs. reenactment, fact vs. fiction, and human vs. computer, blurring their boundaries in this experimental video work. While the performance itself is inherently subjective, it must be observed objectively during the editing process. This progression of work, in which I play all roles from performance to editing, makes those distinctions ambiguous and is an essential part of the piece. I used the program Max8 to generate the melody and then performed it with synth-based tones.


Yu Jidaisho

Completed undergraduate and graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts.
Jidaisho has been involved in a range of activities including playing as a contrabass instrumentalist in solo, ensemble, and orchestra performances, participating in recordings and support for various artists, and writing musical compositions and arrangements.
He has attracted attention for his performances that freely blend together contrabass with songs and live electronics. As a video artist, he presented his first short film Unlike Anyone, in March 2020.
He oversees the creative team sa-ju.