Keita Hara, “Paper Thin” Roppongi Art Night Digital 2022
Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

9/3(Sat) onwards
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Paper. Ghost. Neon Light Dream. In a country close yet faraway, I retrace the memory. By tracing memories of the past, I pursue once again what I have let go on the way of becoming an adult and what I have lost imperceptibly in the flow of time.
A story, set in Kochi prefecture, of connecting my memory and Japanese paper, which is disappearing from everyday life.
Paper Man, a character appearing in this short film, was made from Tosa-Washi(Japanese paper).


Keita Jimmy Hara

A stage and film actor based in Tokyo. Originally born in New Jersey, USA. Started creating art installations using Washi(Japanese papers) from the year of 2020. In 2021, he directed his first short film "Paper Thin".